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Founded in 1987, Spero & Company Consultants provides

  • keynotes,

  • executive coaching, and

  • meeting facilitation

to a wide range of Boards of Directors, C-suite leaders, managers, and project teams.  Our clients come from diverse industries in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors throughout the US, Canada, and Western Europe.

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We tailor our keynotes, coaching, and meeting facilitation to the unique culture and priorities of each organization. We get to know what makes their individuals and teams “tick,” so that our work with them is easily integrated into roles and goals.  Regardless of the specific focus for each project, our clients report that their work with us produces:

  • Enhanced collaboration,

  • Clearer communication,

  • More successful problem solving, and

  • Greater team engagement.

These results lead to improved profitability, employee retention, and customer satisfaction.

Clients routinely tell us that we successfully blend relevant content with compelling delivery while balancing serious messages and crucial skills with energy and humor.  We know we have met our objectives with clients when we see them achieving their individual and collective goals.

What We Offer


We design and deliver powerful keynote presentations on topics such as building stronger relationships, strengthening leadership skills, strategic planning, and converting conflicts into assets.


We offer individual and team coaching to help people identify challenges, set clear goals, and develop specific action plans to move them forward.

Meeting Facilitation

Our years of experience have allowed us to facilitate strategic planning processes, team retreats, and brainstorming sessions that accomplish the meeting’s objectives while successfully managing the dynamics and surprises that often emerge.

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Any time you have two or more people interacting at work, in families, or in their community, you have the potential for conflict.

What can you do when disagreements escalate?

How do you calm everyone down and seek resolutions?

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Harmony at Work

Struggling to deal with diverse personalities? Is your boss a micromanaging nightmare? Does “collaboration” really mean you’re handling the entire project? With an MA in psychology, Susan Spero—author, leadership consultant, and executive coach—has spent over three decades transforming off-key companies into bastions of melodic efficiency. Now she’s here to share her innovative approaches to ending cacophony in the office while fostering a sense of community and cooperation.

Cover art for Harmony at Work: Keys to Tune Up Your Work Relationships

Discover eye-opening insights into easing stress while managing professional connections.

Discord in the workplace got you down?

"A refreshingly creative examination of how to work well with others."

-Kirkus Reviews

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