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[1] Which I wouldn’t recommend: the job prospects for hermits and lighthouse keepers are rather bleak these days. [Back to the book]

[2] As some of my clients lovingly refer to interpersonal issues. [Back to the book]


[3] Actually, I have the ability to have a juicy argument with myself when I’m alone in a room. When I lose those arguments, that’s when it’s most upsetting. [Back to the book]

[4] If you’re a dog person, ask someone who owns a cat how impossible it is to get a cat to do anything it hasn’t already decided it wants to do. Cats know they are not dogs and have no intention of being trained or herded like a dog. [Back to the book]

[5] Physical abuse with an actual baseball bat is obviously illegal and morally wrong. Sadly, people often get away with using virtual interpersonal bats to verbally swat at their coworkers. While verbal abuse may leave no tangible evidence, it often has more long-lasting effects on the recipient. [Back to the book]

[6] In Canada, they call it the moose in the middle of the room. [Back to the book]

[7] Leading or singing in a choir is a lot like most day jobs: it’s sometimes fun, exciting, and harmonious. Other times, it’s tiring and frustrating, and you just can’t seem to get the songs to sound right. [Back to the book]

[8] This really has happened to some people. Too bad that the kids who were subjected to those nasty, critical comments can’t bill their former music teachers for the psychotherapy they’ve needed as adults as they try to rebuild their self-esteem. [Back to the book]

[9] This one is much more fun but rarely creates harmony at work any better than the overuse of self-blame does. [Back to the book]


[10] Retuning guitars and pianos is much easier than retuning relationships. [Back to the book]

[11] There is some music that I find to be pretty wacko too. A-tonal twentieth-century composers like John Cage and satirical songwriters like Weird Al Yankovic come to mind. That said, some folks love John Cage, and others enjoy Weird Al concerts. [Back to the book]

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