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POWER THINK: A Tool for Triggering Creativity, Enthusiasm and Solutions!

By Susan Spero

People often wonder if consultants actually practice what they preach. At Spero & Co., we only share techniques and processes with our clients that have been successfully tested within our own organization.

POWER THINK is one such tool. It has been used as a type of brainstorming for years, and is known by several other names (i.e., Post-It TM brainstorming, meta-planning). It has the same goals as other types of brainstorming, namely to- quickly generate as many ideas as possible.- stimulate creative thinking, participation and support.- prepare for discussion, prioritization, problem-solving, or decision making.

Once the topic or problem is clearly defined, the generic brainstorming guidelines also apply to Power Thinking:1) jot down the first idea that comes into your head.2) don’t discuss, debate or edit it (yet).3) don’t worry (yet) about whether the idea is good, new, practical, sane, legal, or moral.

Unlike traditional brainstorming, with a scribe making a list on a notepad or flip chart, POWER THINK uses small sticky note pads. Only one idea is recorded per sheet, and the individual sticky note sheets can be posted anywhere in view.

Some groups like to have participants write and post their ideas silently, to allow people to think clearly. Others encourage participants to read their ideas aloud as they post them. Although this second approach is louder and a bit more chaotic, it tends to help people play off others’ ideas and enthusiasm. It generally triggers more energy and hence, more ideas.

POWER THINK is a great idea-generator, because it is fast, creative, energizing, and easy. It helps an individual or group to get enthused., “think outside of the box,” use one idea to stimulate others, and to commit to the final results. It has been used successfully in a wide variety of settings, with different types of people engaged in diverse tasks.

Please feel free to call Spero & Co. if you have questions about POWER THINK or any other management, communication, team building, planning or facilitation challenges you may encounter in your organization. Call us at 303-671-9030 or email us at

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