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Praise for Harmony at work

Spero takes a deep dive into work-relationship dynamics, exploring such vital subjects as dealing with different types of personalities, understanding nonverbal cues, making commitments, navigating team clashes, setting boundaries, and distinguishing between compromise and collaboration. The book’s stages are logically organized, with numerous relevant examples rendered in clear, engaging prose.... A refreshingly creative examination of how to work well with others.

-Kirkus Reviews 

Harmony at Work is an enjoyable read that will improve working relationships between managers and workers at every level. With her charming musical analogies, Susan Spero has risen above bland business jargon to create a unique, comprehensive guide for anyone who longs to build rapport and compatibility in their workplace. Read Harmony at Work and sing a happy tune with your colleagues!”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action


Harmony at Work is a valuable toolkit to help people understand and strengthen their relationships in any place of employment. My experiences as a social worker, politician, and author have taught me that technical skills and general knowledge are important but not enough. In order to succeed in our careers, we need to know how to manage the subtleties of interactions with others. The music metaphor is brilliant. It makes the book not only useful but delightful to read! It can’t help but promote true harmony at work or elsewhere for anyone who reads it.”

Dottie Lamm, MSW, freelance writer, former First Lady of Colorado and columnist


“Everything good flows out of effective relationships—from sales to marketing to engineering to accounting. Harmony at Work is a fresh perspective on leveraging relationships to create a better organization and a better life. This book is an unexpected and priceless gem!”

Steve Vannoy, CEO, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and Executive Director of the 10 Greatest Gifts Project

“Spero’s inspired metaphor of music harmony provides a unique window into the fine-tuning of our workplace relationships. Even people who are not musically inclined can follow the parallels and apply them to the ‘choir’ with whom they work. This book addresses the dissonance plaguing the ‘music’ in many organizations. Her lighthearted touches make for a fun but thought-provoking and practical read. It is a must-read for any young professional, be they new leaders or someone seeking to strengthen an established team.”

Patrick J. Moody, Assistant Attorney General, State of Montana

Praise for Susan Spero's Consulting Work

  • "Spero & Company’s presenters had obviously done their homework. They knew a lot about our business and seemed to speak our language."

  • "Your seminars are lively and entertaining, yet clear, well-organized and substantive."

  • "The structure of your workshop was perfectly tailored to our organization's needs, and to the participants who attended."

  • "I have watched Spero & Company work with top executives, first-line production people, and everyone in between. They are able to communicate well with all employees, regardless of people's experience or education."

  • "Our management retreat was a great success! You helped our team set specific goals and action steps to support our company’s rapid growth."

“Many books on organizational development have lots of theory but very few practical suggestions. Here’s one written by a woman who has succeeded in the real world and has helped turn struggling organizations into first-rate performers! Read this book and keep it on your bookshelf to reread throughout your career. It will make you and your team more effective.”

Craig O. Schaum, Colonel US Air Force (ret.) and former VP, Northrop Grumman, an aerospace and defense technology company

“In this engaging and inspiring book, Susan Spero takes us on an optimistic and uplifting journey through the world of interpersonal dynamics. Utilizing the metaphor of music combined with enlightening personal anecdotes, she draws upon years of consulting experience and wisdom to show the reader how to avoid clashing chords in relationships and strengthen the inspiring notes that lead to successful alliances. The result: Harmony at Work is a wonderful book that will help anyone interested in creating enduring music in the relationships that fundamentally influence their lives.”

Donald H. Ruggles, architect, AIA; author of Beauty Neuroscience & Architecture; producer, Built Beautiful 

“Exceptional relationships don’t just happen. They take care and maintenance, and they have seasons. The challenge is to know how to manage the ebb and flow that all interactions experience. Good communication is the thread that weaves and strengthens relationships, be they new or long term. Susan Spero’s book, Harmony at Work, is a must-have tool for those who know the value of solid connections with others and want to increase their ability to sustain them.”

Gina Hensrud, CEO, Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center

“A gifted songwriter uses rhythm, rhyme, lyrics, and experience to write a song that effortlessly rolls off the tongue and captures the human heart’s journey. Susan Spero has placed her words and work on the pages of Harmony at Work. What leaps from these pages are the tools and experience she knows will help you create a workplace that sings like a great song. Memorable and moving.”

Kerry Patrick Clark, singer, songwriter, and professional musician

“Susan Spero’s Harmony at Work was both a wonderful refresher course and a ‘songbook of new tunes’ for me in relationship building. She draws on proven techniques and adds her years of experience as an executive coach to meet today’s organizational challenges. CEOs and other C-suite executives need to effectively grow and deepen their key relationships. This book helped solidify and deepen the techniques I have learned and practiced with my board of directors, my executive team, our staff, and our business partners. I highly recommend this comprehensive yet accessible book for anyone who is serious about creating valuable, lasting relationships.”

Tracey D. Campbell, CEO, BRIDGE Healthcare Partners, LLC

“In our school, we bring families from different backgrounds together through the study and performance of music. Our main leadership challenge has been to set goals, earn trust, and support expectations. In the same way that music enriches the lives of our students and families, this book will enrich your relationships at work and provide the tools you need to succeed.”

Peggy S. Wise, Founder, Chicago Center for Music Education [ChiME], formerly Suzuki-Orff School for Young Musicians

Tune Up Your Work Relationships

Harmony at Work is a practical guide that:

  • Outlines the developmental stages through which our interactions typically evolve,

  • Offers specific tools and approaches to help navigate those stages more successfully, and

  • Helps you rehearse what works—based on real social science and practical applications.

Even if you can’t carry a tune, you’ll discover strategies that help your work teams make harmonious music together.

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